Floraportico is an online flower shop in the Philippines. We deliver sympathy and funeral flower arrangements same day or next day to a funeral home, residence or church. All funeral floral arrangements are created by our professional florist. We have different funeral floral arrangement such as; wreaths, standing sprays, bouquets, garden type of flower arrangement, breathtaking floral arrangements and many more….


Sending flowers is a common way of expressing sympathy to the family of a deceased individual. Flowers, used to anoint the dead in ancient times and used to adorn the casket and/or burial site today, are meant to comfort those who are grieving and serve as a reminder of the spirit of life. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to let the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts. The flowers you send will hopefully help to celebrate life, provide comfort, and lift the spirit of the relatives of the deceased.

1.) Recognize the wishes of the family.

2.) Consider the faith of the deceased.

3.) Consider your relation to the deceased.

4.) Make a tribute to the personality of the deceased.

      Choosing a unique bouquet with a special meaning to you is a great way to honor the life of the deceased.

  • If the deceased loved the outdoors, send a basket of rustic wildflowers.
  • If the deceased always dressed in yellow, consider sending a bouquet of yellow flowers.
  • If the deceased was an avid gardener, consider sending a plant that can be planted by the family outdoors to honor their loved one. Potted plants have symbolic meaning because they will continue to live and grow
  • If the deceased loved the pink, send a bouquet of pink and white flowers.
  • If the deceased has their own favorite colours, consider sending a bouquet of his/her favorite colours.

5.) Choose your flowers carefully.

      There are many traditional favorites. Here are a few suggestions of flowers with meanings that may be appropriate for the funeral setting:

  • Apple Blossom: better things to come
  • Lilies of the Valley: return of happiness
  • Ivy: eternal fidelity
  • Hybrid tea roses: “I’ll remember you”
  • Roses (red): love/respect/courage
  • Roses (pink): grace/gentility
  • Roses (light pink): admiration/sympathy

6.) Consider color meanings.

      When choosing flowers, especially for an emotional event like a funeral, it is advisable to consider flower colors, as these may be noticed by some of the deceased’s loved ones.

  • Pick white flowers to represent peace and reverence.
  • Choose blue flowers to represent comfort and calm.
  • Avoid green flowers. These represent health and good fortune, a meaning which is not appropriate for the event at hand.
  • Red flowers should be avoided at Buddhist funerals. Instead, white flowers are preferred

     We, Floraportico Flower Shop Philippines know which arrangements are fitting for each situation.

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  • Camellia - Pink or red camellias symbolized gratitude.
  • Carnations - Red carnations symbolize admiration, white pink carnation stand for remembrance, white carnation evoke pure love and inoccence.
  • Chrysanthemums - In the US, mums means truth. In Europe, mums may symbolize death and are only used for funerals. In China, Korea, Japan, white mums symbolize grief.
  • Forgetmenots - It represent true love and remembrance.
  • Gladiolus - Embody streght of character, sincerity and moral integrity.
  • Lilacs - White Lilac represent innocence.
  • Lilies - Symbolize purity and innocence being restored to the soul of the departed.
  • Magnolia - White magnolia traditionally embody dignity and perseverance.
  • Orchids - Represnt enduring love.
  • Roses - White roses evoke innocence, while red roses convey love. Pink roses signify grace while crimson roses means grief. Yellow roses symbolize a friend strong ties.
  • Tulips - White tulips evoke forgiveness and red tulips represent perfect love.

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